Benson Medical Suppliers having a long history of being a trusted and a reliable medical supplier since 1989, has gain her reputation as a household essential brand to provide effective treatment for  common illnesses in Singapore.

As a result, Benson Medical Suppliers has enjoyed recurring relationships with all our faithful customers and too has gained the trust and good compliment from her local and overseas market customers.

All our products have been approved and licensed by the Health Science Authority (HSA) of Singapore and this has attested to our very sincere effort to continue providing and promoting the highest product qualities to meet the expectation of our pool of royal clienteles.

Our next roadmap is to broaden our present product scopes with the introduction of a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine to complement the ever yearning of such products from our royal clienteles.

This will be an important aid to heighten our quest to extend our present products to our overseas markets like neighbouring countries in Malaysia, Indonesia and possibly China.

We will strive to position ourselves to provide a comprehensive range of excellent quality and reasonably priced products.

Benson Medical Suppliers is fervently looking forward to be of a service to you.